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Super GT Round 4 Malaysia 2009
Last year I'm able to visit the Sepang F1 Circuit pit lane. It was an awesome experience to me as I can get very close to the machines and of course, race queens... Read More...
D.I.Y. Fisheye Lens
Since I bought my E-500, I had been dreaming of a fisheye lens. But until now, I still cannot afford one. What I like about the fisheye lens are the effect of the round distortion and it can cover super ultra wide angle of sight... Read More...
Lomo Smena 8m
The word "Smena" (Cmeha) is roughly translated into "Young Generation" in English. True to its name, the Smena line of cameras were designed to provide inexpensive, accessible, and excellent photography tools to the hard-working young Soviets of the time... Read More...
Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park
Not long after i bought the Olympus Macro Flash System, I went to Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park to test out the system for outdoor macro photography... Read More...


My Beijing 2008 Collection Roundup

This project is all about my collection of souvenir of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. And also my second product shot after Samsung YP-U3. I'm not satisfied with the results because of the brightness and lighting of all the shots. Maybe this is my last product shot before I get a proper setup for this kind of shooting... :D


foongpc said...

Hi, where did you get all these souvenirs? I like the red Tshirt, the fuwa mascots and the Olympic medals. Very good collection!

ZzkAng said...

hello can get all the souvenir in ....regarding the medals...i think you cannot buy it unless you won it in the games... :D