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Super GT Round 4 Malaysia 2009
Last year I'm able to visit the Sepang F1 Circuit pit lane. It was an awesome experience to me as I can get very close to the machines and of course, race queens... Read More...
D.I.Y. Fisheye Lens
Since I bought my E-500, I had been dreaming of a fisheye lens. But until now, I still cannot afford one. What I like about the fisheye lens are the effect of the round distortion and it can cover super ultra wide angle of sight... Read More...
Lomo Smena 8m
The word "Smena" (Cmeha) is roughly translated into "Young Generation" in English. True to its name, the Smena line of cameras were designed to provide inexpensive, accessible, and excellent photography tools to the hard-working young Soviets of the time... Read More...
Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park
Not long after i bought the Olympus Macro Flash System, I went to Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park to test out the system for outdoor macro photography... Read More...


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#01

4 days to go... The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will finally arrived!!! This is the long awaited Olympic Games for China, and especially Chinese around the world...

In the auspicious 8th Day of Month of August of Year 2008AD, Beijing, capital of China, will host the 29th Olympic Games. I believed...any Chinese living outside of China, including myself, will feel proud (at least a little) for China to host the Olympic Games for the first time after 28th edition of Modern Olympic.

Although I cannot fly to Beijing to watch the Games itself, I feel really excited for it. I will be watching from home, thanks to ASTRO for providing 11 interactive channel specially for the Beijing Olympic Games. I sure will not miss any important sports.

This few months I had been updating myself about the Beijing Olympic Games through their official website. One day while going through the website, I stumbled upon the Beijing 2008 Online Store (click to get your's now). This site has all the Beijing 2008's official sourvenir products. Personally, the prices are quite OK and I decided to buy some products from this site to keep it as compensation for not attending the Beijing Olympic Games... :D

So, this month's assignment shots will be all on the souvenirs I bought from the online store. And every posts in this month will be all dedicated to the Beijing 2008...

The package when I first received it. Felt real excited and don't really want to open it... :D

Beijing 2008...One World, One Dream

I pray for the smooth, peaceful, best, proudest Games for China and all...

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