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Super GT Round 4 Malaysia 2009
Last year I'm able to visit the Sepang F1 Circuit pit lane. It was an awesome experience to me as I can get very close to the machines and of course, race queens... Read More...
D.I.Y. Fisheye Lens
Since I bought my E-500, I had been dreaming of a fisheye lens. But until now, I still cannot afford one. What I like about the fisheye lens are the effect of the round distortion and it can cover super ultra wide angle of sight... Read More...
Lomo Smena 8m
The word "Smena" (Cmeha) is roughly translated into "Young Generation" in English. True to its name, the Smena line of cameras were designed to provide inexpensive, accessible, and excellent photography tools to the hard-working young Soviets of the time... Read More...
Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park
Not long after i bought the Olympus Macro Flash System, I went to Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park to test out the system for outdoor macro photography... Read More...


FloraFest 2007 Malaysia

On 28th January 2007, I went to FloraFest 2007 Malaysia which is held in Putrajaya. This event is the first floral festival held in Malaysia (I believe...) in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007. The event is held from 20th Jan to 4th Feb 2007 with its theme - COLOUR OF HARMONY. Well, the decorated floats are very colourful n creatively decorated with all sort of flowers and coloured beans.

I missed out the highlight of the festival on 27th January 2007 - Floral Parade, which featuring beautifully decorated floats - because of job commitment. So, I went for the floats' exhibition on the other day (28th Jan) for photo-shooting purposely. Following are some of the photos I shot that day and a little story telling. Enjoy...

**All shot taken using E500, 14-45mm, Fluorescent WB, ISO400, Centre Weighted metering, no flash, -1.0 eV Exposure, Auto Mode**
***Dim and underexposed (I agreed) photos has been exchanged with newly edit photo. The new photo's exposure is ok to me about you???***

Welcome to Pesta Flora 2007 (FloraFest 2007 as in English)

When I get in to the exhibition tent, I am shocked to see the big crowd. It was really hard to shoot in the over-crowded situation like this.

While I was busy shooting, I can see many happy family taking photo with the decorated floats. For this photo, the son seems not happy with his position.

DBKL's float is the first float to be seen when entering the huge tent. This float get Creative award. But I do not see this float is more creative than other float... :/

The huge butterfly behind Putrajaya FT's float is really eye-catching.

Melaka state brings real coconut tree. (???!!)

Next in line is Perak state's float. The decoration behind the float is nice (at least to me).

Selangor state's float is nothing special. The flower decoration is quite nice.

Kelantan is sending a traditional decorated boat(float) to the festival. This boat's head is eye-catching.

The flower decoration at the tail of the boat is very nice too.

Is Labuan FT well-known as fishing destination???

A very colourful display of float by Penang state. I can see a frog playing violin...

...and a nicely posed praying mantis.

Negeri Sembilan state's float is introducing banana boat.

Pahang state's float is one of the best float. The peacock (erm...should be peacock) is just astonishing.

Johor state's float is full of roses...

Perlis state's float full of flower and butterfly decoration.

Sabah state's float is the best one I can see in the exhibition.

The spining tail of giant iguana is really attractive.

The best decorated butterfly in the exhibition.

Sarawak state is sending their 'Kenyalang' pirate to this festival.

A giant decorated turtle from Terengganu state's float.
Well, KFC is also joining the Floral Parade.
Tourism Malaysia...
Just make sure you visit Eyes On Malaysia and KLCC when you are in KL.
Happy Visit Malaysia Year 2007!!!!!


Putrajaya...Dataran Putra and Putra Mosque

One day, in the evening of 7th October 2006, I went to Putrajaya to have a photoshoot. I still remembered that day is the only clear with bright blue sky day throughout the month, as it would be very hazzy (read: haze) on the other days, thanks to our neighbour, Indonesia for their annually forest burning activities.

After I take a short nap, I saw the sky is very blue in the evening and I believe the twilight hour, the magical hour of a day, would be spectacular. So, I decided to go to Putrajaya to capture the magical moment.

I reached Dataran Putra (if not mistaken) at 1730 and begin my shooting until 2000. Below are some of the shot i captured. Enjoy...


Dataran Putra. The highest flag is Malaysia flag, Jalur Gemilang, surrounded by the flag of states which formed Malaysia. Edited to B/W mode to bring out some historical feeling.


Putra Mosque. The burj, the gate, the roof and the blue sky. This shot is overexposed at the gate's area while trying some better composition, but i like this shot.


Putra Mosque. The roof of the mosque.


Putra Mosque. The burj, the clouds and the blue sky. Still...overexposed...


Prime Minister's Office. This shot is taken when the sun is setting on my left. One of my all time favourite shot.


Dataran Putra. The flag, the mosque, the sky and the sun. The sun was so torturing...


Lamppost. One of the unique lamppost in Putrajaya. In this area, you can find more than 30 types of unique lamppost. Heard that Government had spend more than hundred thousands on the lamppost. Fuhh~~is it necessary???


Putra Mosque. The mosque and the twilight. Shot was taken at 1915 during the magical hour. It was so nice!!!...


Putra Mosque. After 10 minutes at 1925. The changes of colour in the sky was so nice and spectacular...

Labelling Format

-Edited 04/02/2008-
There will be no more labelling for all title I post in the's so troublesome to me and to you too, I believe... :)

Before I start any new post, I would like to set some format in my alcove to not to confuse anyone (especially me) with my post. It is just a simple format where I will put labelling in front of my title to differentiate the type of my post.

The format of labelling is as per below:-
a) [A] = Announcement only
b) [T] = Thoughts only
c) [P] = Photos only
d) [R] = Random Posts only
e) [(a)+(b)+(c)] = Any combination of three labelling above.

Understand???...hmm...It is better if i give some example:-

[T] Mineral Water is good??? = this is a simple example for a Thoughts only post.
[T+P] Backlanes... = this example could be some Photos of some backlanes i shot and some Thoughts about the backlanes in the Photos.

So...if there is any changes in the labelling format in the future, I will make an announcement with a title: [A] Changes in Labelling Format.



The First Post...

Never in my mind that I am doing what I am doing now. Well, BLOGGING... Before this, I would think that blogging is just a waste of time... But for some reasons(see below), Blog is not a bad thing to play with.

What is Blog?

To me, blog is just like a personal diary, where we noted our daily activities, random thoughts, photos etc etc. just for references and memories to ourselves in the future, that we published around the world using so-called Internet, instead of keep it by ourselves. Not understand? Well, it needs time...

Why am I blogging?
I have been wandering around the net for quite some time searching for a suitable photopage to keep them online. But till now have not found any nice one. Thanks to my colleague, IT Secret Agent, Mr. Bong (no...not's Bong..) who introduce me to his blog (quite interesting actually..) and encourage me to create one. Thank you, Bong.

What I will do with my Blog?
I do not know what I will do to my blog besides uploading some of my collections of photo and post some random thoughts to share with anyone or everyone who visit my 'Alcove'. Some of my photos or thoughts may not suits one taste's, but good or bad comments and critiques are most welcomed.

Before I end my first post, I would like to share with you one of my favourite shot. Enjoy...