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My Beijing 2008 Collection...#13

Chip badge of Beijing 2008 Emblem...


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#12

Games represented by Fuwa 福娃, HuanHuan...


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#11

Some famous characters in Peking Opera...


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#10

Poker series of Peking Opera Characters. There are 54 characters of Peking Opera featured in this poker series...


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#09

Games represent by Fuwa 福娃, JingJing...


Bye-bye BEIJING 2008...Meet again in LONDON 2012

Bye-bye Beijing 2008… After tonight’s Closing Ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, everyone will bid farewell to the host country and city, China and Beijing. And for sure, everyone will go home with a big smile on their face for the magnificent Olympic Games by Beijing for the past 2 weeks.

'Bird's Nest' Beijing National Stadium (Image

I had 'seriously' watched Olympic Games since Sydney 2000, and by far, Beijing 2008 is the best Olympic Games. I didn’t get a chance to get to any Olympic Games before, just watched from TV. With a very good broadcasting from the local satellite TV provider, ASTRO, the venue of each game are just so nice and magnificent, especially Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. The weather in Beijing is also in its best condition especially in the past few days, an effort finally payoff to the host country for Green Olympics.

'Water Cube' National Aquatic Center (Image

Beijing 2008 is so enjoyable to watch, where so many World Records and Olympic Records broken here. The first few days were a great day for host country China as their weightlifting team had done a great job in this event. In Water Cube, U.S.A. swimming team has been dominant force, especially Michael Phelps, China diving team nearly swept all the gold and Russian Federation took all gold in synchronized swimming. China rules artistic gymnastic. Jamaica conquers Bird’s Nest with Usain Bolt and Co., Argentina continues to dominate football, Ping-pong world is China world, U.S.A. redeems their gold in basketball. China and Ukraine breaks Korea dominance in Archery and much more surprises…

Well, every game is not perfect games. In the very first day, Beijing 2008 is marred by sad incident where a family member of U.S.A. coach staff attacked by a Chinese man and the attacker commit suicide immediately later. Then, bad air level of Beijing in first few days, the age-old conspiracy of China women artistic gymnastic team, Cuban taekwondo competitor kicks referee incident, Swedish wrestler in wrestling result’s protest incident and also a few doping cases. Incident happens cannot be prevented in any big events, but in Beijing 2008, the incident rates are quite low, especially in doping cases. At least, there is no big ‘political’ incident happen during the Games.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Medals (Image

To me, China had done a very good job in organizing this Olympic Games. China too has shown to the world their dominance in sports and Olympic Games, with 51 Golds, 21 Silvers and 28 Bronzes and the total of 100 medals (10 medals behind U.S.A.). China best ever medal-hauling in Olympic Games. The best gold medal count by a country ever (I think so…). Well done, China!!!...

Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games (Image

After tonight, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games ends. In two weeks time, Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games will begins. Meet again in London 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games (Image


Fuwa 福娃: NiNi

Every spring and summer, the children of Beijing have flown beautiful kites on the currents of wind that blow through the capital. Among the kite designs, the golden-winged swallow is traditionally one of the most popular. NiNi's figure is drawn from this grand tradition of flying designs. Her golden wings symbolize the infinite sky and spread good luck as a blessing wherever she flies. Swallow is also pronounced "Yan" in Chinese, and Yanjing is what Beijing was called as an ancient capital city. Among Fuwa 福娃, NiNi is as innocent and joyful as a swallow. She is strong in gymnastics and represents the green Olympic ring...


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#08

'Green China' - Green Olympics, one of the promises from China to provide an environmental-friendly Olympic Games in Beijing 2008...

Well, during the opening of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games last week, Beijing is not in the best condition as promised. But with so much efforts been carried out by the host nation, China will becomes more and more 'greener' in the future...


Fuwa 福娃: YingYing

Like all antelopes, YingYing is fast and agile and can swiftly cover great stretches of land as he races across the earth. A symbol of vastness of China's landscape, the antelope carries the blessing of health, the strength of body that comes from harmony with nature. YingYing's flying pose captures the essence of a species unique to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, one of the first animals put under protection in China. The selection of the Tibetan Antelope reflects Beijing commitment to a Green Olympics. His head ornament incorporates several decorative styles from the Qinghai-Tibet and XinJiang cultures and the ethnic design traditions of China. Strong in track and field events, YingYing is a quick-witted and agile boy who represents the yellow Olympic ring...


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#07

Games represent by Fuwa 福娃, BeiBei...


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#06

Graphic with Chinese word 'Jing' - means the capital of a country - printed on the outer layer of one of the Oympic Poker Series...


Fuwa 福娃: HuanHuan

In the intimate circle of Fuwa 福娃, HuanHuan is the big brother. He is a child of fire, symbolizing the Olympic Flame and the passion of sport - and passion is the blessing he bestows. HuanHuan stands in the center of Fuwa 福娃 as the core embodiment of the Olympic spirit. And while he inspires all with the passion to run faster, jump higher and be stronger, he is also open and inviting. Wherever the light of HuanHuan shines, the inviting warmth of Beijing 2008 - and the wishful blessings of the Chinese people - can be felt. The firery designs of his head ornament are drawn from the famed DunHuang murals - with just a touch of China's traditional lucky designs. HuanHuan is outgoing and enthusiatic. He excels at all the ball games and represents the red Olympic ring...


Fuwa 福娃: JingJing

JingJing makes children smile - and that's why he brings the blessing of happiness wherever he goes. You can see his joy in the charming naivety of his dancing pose and the lovely wave of his black and white fur. As a national treasure and a protected species,pandas are adored by people everywhere. The lotus designs in JingJing's headdress, which are inspired by the porcelain paintings of the Song Dynasty (A.D.960-1234), symbolize the lush forest and the harmonious relationship between man and nature. JingJing was chosen to represent China's desire to protect nature's gifts - and to preserve the beauty of nature for all generations. JingJing is charmingly naive and optimistic. He is an athlete noted for strength who represents the black Olympic ring...


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#05

Beijing 2008 logo printed at the back of every piece of porcelain square...


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#04

Fuwa 福娃's porcelain square accesories in black and white...


Fuwa 福娃: BeiBei

In China's traditional culture and art, the fish and water designs are symbols of prosperity and harvest. and so BeiBei carries the blessing of properity. A fish is also a symbol of surplus in Chinese culture, another measure of a good year and a good life. The ornamental lines of the water-wave designs are taken from well-known Chinese painting of the past. Among Fuwa 福娃, BeiBei is known to be gentle and pure. Strong in water sports, she reflects the blue Olympic ring...



08.08.08 The day has come. At 8:00 pm (GMT +8:00), Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will be officially open. For the last 15 days, the Olympic Games will offer opportunity for China and the world to share the dream, joy, happiness and harmony of this spectacular Games: One World, One Dream... And the dream is..PEACE..

The Phoenix is back to its nest. After traveling 137000 kilometres through 130 cities in 130 days, the Phoenix finally arrived at Bird's Nest (National Stadium), Beijing. The Phoenix had come to this world for the last 28th times in Modern Olympic and finally, at the 29th return, she has the 'real' nest to protect the passion of the Olympic. Of course, the Phoenix is the sacred Olympic flame.

"Bird's Nest" Beijing National Stadium (

The opening ceremony, directed by Director Zhang Yimou, is quoted as the most unforgettable and spectacular in the Olympic history. The world will have their eyes on the biggest Chinese history and cultural performance. The world will have the opportunity to observe the richness and unique of long Chinese history and cultural.

This also marks Beijing and China always welcomes the world to this country, warmly and open-heartedly. With all the high-tech and futuristic stadium, gymnasium and state-of-the-art building, constructed single-handed by the Chinese, China has proved that the best quality Made In China will be given to the world...



Fuwa 福娃: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Mascot

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games mascot "Fuwa 福娃" (Blessing Doll) consists of five personated dolls: BeiBei, JingJing, HuanHuan, YingYing, NiNi, with homophonic sound as 'Beijing Welcomes You' (Beijing Huan Ying Ni). The image of fish, panda, the Olympic Torch, Tibetan antelope and swallow are combined into them, and the colour reflects the Five Olympic rings.

In the ancient culture of
China, there is a grand tradition of spreading blessings through signs and symbols. Each of Fuwa 福娃 symbolizes a different blessing and will honour this tradition by carrying their blessings to the children of the world. Prosperity, hapiness, passion, health and good luck will be spread to every continent as Fuwa 福娃 carry their invitation to Beijing 2008 to every part of the globe...

1 more day to go!!!....


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#03

The colourful boxes containing porcelain square accesories...

2 days to go... :D :D


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#02

'Beijing 2008' graphic that printed on the paper bag came together inside the package...

3 more days to go!!!


My Beijing 2008 Collection...#01

4 days to go... The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will finally arrived!!! This is the long awaited Olympic Games for China, and especially Chinese around the world...

In the auspicious 8th Day of Month of August of Year 2008AD, Beijing, capital of China, will host the 29th Olympic Games. I believed...any Chinese living outside of China, including myself, will feel proud (at least a little) for China to host the Olympic Games for the first time after 28th edition of Modern Olympic.

Although I cannot fly to Beijing to watch the Games itself, I feel really excited for it. I will be watching from home, thanks to ASTRO for providing 11 interactive channel specially for the Beijing Olympic Games. I sure will not miss any important sports.

This few months I had been updating myself about the Beijing Olympic Games through their official website. One day while going through the website, I stumbled upon the Beijing 2008 Online Store (click to get your's now). This site has all the Beijing 2008's official sourvenir products. Personally, the prices are quite OK and I decided to buy some products from this site to keep it as compensation for not attending the Beijing Olympic Games... :D

So, this month's assignment shots will be all on the souvenirs I bought from the online store. And every posts in this month will be all dedicated to the Beijing 2008...

The package when I first received it. Felt real excited and don't really want to open it... :D

Beijing 2008...One World, One Dream

I pray for the smooth, peaceful, best, proudest Games for China and all...